Wasting Time

Official Band Page of Wasting Time

We are a four-piece band from Toronto, Canada. We play original pop-punk music.


Heeeeeey, it's Wasting Time. The punk-rock band you hate to love.

Mean-spirited jokes? We got 'em!

Twelve-year old behaviour? You've seen it!

Songs to cheer you down? We'll play 'em!

Wasting Time is a four-piece band from the wintery streets of Toronto. A pop-punk rock band with catchy riffs and kickass melodies.

Be sure to catch them live to get your piece of this painful pie.

Lead Vocals & Rhythm Guitar: Mad Vlad

Lead Guitar & Backup Vocals: Dave Fulton

Bass & Backup Vocals: Mayhem (aka. Mother) Mike

Drummer: Ari Greenberg

Photo: Pauper's Pub